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    Sep 13, 2014
    Hi people!

    I have installed win7 with bootcamp, then i update to win8.1 and i cant find bootcamp asistence because i need to restart with mac osx system...

    pleaseeee help
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    Hello! If I'm remembering right, you don't absolutely need the bootcamp assistant to boot back into Windows. When you start your Mac up, you should see an option to boot into the OS X partition or the Windows partition.

    If you did an upgrade install of Windows 8.1, it will still be installed. Check in the Control Panel and it should have it's own section there.

    I haven't done this since the Snow Leopard days so forgive me if my information isn't truly correct.
  3. satcomer, Sep 14, 2014
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    You getting confused about Boot Camp. It is a formatting application to make a separate partition for:confused Windows so "Switters" could still use expensive applications. The Boot Camp is also a set of drivers for all the stuff inside of your Mac. It even has a set of Updates for Boot Camp for new versions of Windows.

    The other way of using Windows is this through a use of a VM (virtual machine). The programs for a VM on a Mac are:

    1. VMWare's Mac Fusion - Great for enterprise and big applications

    2. Parallels - IMHO rapes customers at every OSX update

    3. VirtualBox - Was great when it was open sourced but when Oracle bought it out it is withering on the vine

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