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Discussion in 'iOS 5 and earlier' started by mrgreeneyes, Jan 8, 2012.

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    ok here is my situation.

    my wife has an iPhone 4, and using a windows 7 laptop.

    and i have a iphone 4s, and use a macbook.

    we want to share out calendars, between the 2 of us.

    we both have gmail accounts and iCloud accounts.

    we use gmail for emails and iCloud for everything else.

    how do we setup our iPhones to share our calendars?

  2. Zcott macrumors 68020

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    Sign in to your Google calendar on a desktop or laptop machine. Go to Other Calendars on the left, then choose Add A Colleague's Calendar. Type in your wife's email address.

    Btw, she'll also need to do this on her account and add your email address.

    Then, on both your iOS devices, visit and choose your iOS device(s). Check both the calendar boxes and hit save. Restart both iPhones, open the Calendar app and then hit Calendars on the top left and you'll see each other's calendars. May take a minute or two just to update.
  3. mrgreeneyes thread starter macrumors 6502a

    Oct 7, 2007
    is there a way that we can share iCloud calendars? and not the google calendars?
  4. Arelunde macrumors 6502a


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    I found it was easier to move all my Google email, calendar and contacts to iCloud. For a while, I had Google forward fetched email and it's own email to iCloud, but it got so complicated.

    With the iCloud calendar, you can have 8 separate calendars on the same calendar, each with it's own color and custom name. You see only the ones that are checked; the others are there, but invisible unless you check them to be included.

    So each of you could have your own separate calendar, yet have access to seeing the other's. OR, you could opt to see both on the same calendar, color coded.

    It took me a while to set it up, but it's been well worth it.
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    Go to

    To the right of the Calendar Name there is a Share Button. My wife and I share a calendar that we both update. We also have our personal calendars. Works very well.

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