Help with checkra1n before I give up on it?


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Feb 18, 2018
Batchomatic didn't work out so I went through the trouble of reinstalling my tweaks one by one.

I never upgraded, so it's not true that all tweaks will work as long as you don't update.

Anyway, toward the last few tweaks I was installing, it resprung into safe mode. I deleted the tweak I assumed could have caused it, because it was fine up until then, NOTHING. I disabled all other tweaks, NOTHING. I tried to rejailbreak and got the error -22 that states it's tweak incompatibility.

So if someone can help me out, that'd be great. Otherwise, I'm gonna stick with Unc0ver. Pretty pissed off I waisted my time, if that's the case.

Thanks for any and all help.