Help with compressor 4 -avi files importing


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Jun 8, 2012
Hi im just getting started to using compressor 4 but when input my .avi files to make a dvd it doesnt show the movie in the preview screen and it doesnt do anything, like it shows the movie in the unintitles project thing . can anyone help me out with compressor 4 and avi movies to convert to make a dvd that will play in a dvd player?
Nov 28, 2010
Maybe the .avi file cannot be read by Compressor, thus maybe try Perian and see, if installing that helps Compressor reading the .avi file.
If that does not work, and in order to find out, what may be wrong with your .avi video, you can use the following three applications to analyse a sample video file.
When done, you can use the "Report" (VideoSpec) and "Export" (Media Inspector) button to export a report,
attachable to your next post via the
In MediaInfo you have to go to the Menu Bar, select View > Text and copy the text via CMD+A > CMD+C and paste it via CMD+V into your next post.