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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by Macguy 44, Sep 19, 2006.

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    Dear Folks, I have an older Mac G-3 with OS X which I bought last year. I have tried to download WMV to view movies and such, but it will not work. Also I don't seem to be able to view any file ending in .rmm. Does anyone know how to overcome these problems???
    Thanks, jrl
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    By WMV, I assume you mean Flip4Mac's software for handling WMA files. It requires Mac OS X you have that? If so, can you be more specific about how it doesn't work? Is it a problem with installing the program or with it being able to play media?

    .rmm files require RealPlayer (which really sucks, by the way). Do you have that installed?
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    What version of OS X do you have? You can check by going to the Apple menu on the upper-left hand side and clicking on About this Mac.

    If you have 10.3.9 or above, you can download the Flip4Mac codec which will allow you to play WMV files in Quicktime Player.

    If you have any version below that, you can download Microsoft's Windows Media Player.

    Keep in mind that the latter is an outdated version which will only play WMV9 files. Flip4Mac does not have this limitation.

    .rmm files are Real Media files, which requires RealPlayer. This also requires 10.3.9 or above.

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