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Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by caliguy1965, Mar 21, 2013.

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    Hi, I have my Mac Pro ethernet port 1 connected to my D-Link wireles router. I then have ethernet port 2 going out to a netgear 4 port switch. The switch is connected to a HTPC & Xbox 360 directly & through ethernet cable to another switch downstairs to another HTPC & Xbox 360. I am sharing internet and that works perfect, plex through Roku works perfectly downstairs too, but I am having a problem connecting my Mac Pro to the HTPCs so as to share files although both HTPCs can connect to the internet. I have done all the settings for sharing and network that I have read up and still a no go.

    Any suggestions? Ideally, I wanted to map my shared drive with my HTPCs.
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    That's not the best physical setup, but whatever.

    In OS X, turn on file sharing and select the folders to share and account access. So far, this enables file sharing for Apple protocol only.

    While still at File Sharing, click Options and enable "Share files and folders using SMB (Windows)". This adds SMB protocol for Windows file sharing.

    Go to the network settings, WINS tab, and ensure your workgroup there matches the workgroup of your HTPC, which is usually "WORKGROUP". This is used for serverless Windows networking.

    Now on the HTPC you should be able to use the network browser to see the shared drive.

    I don't know anything about Xbox.
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    Thank you for the reply, I have already done each of those steps and was not able to connect. The wireless router does not have enough ports, what would be the best physical set up? Should I just connect the 1st switch to the wireless router rather than ethernet port 2?
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    Yes the first switch should connect to the router and the MP should plug into that switch. After you do that, you can turn off Internet sharing.

    You are not the first person on this forum who couldn't get Internet sharing and File sharing to work simultaneously on the Mac Pro.
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    I actually have gotten internet sharing and file sharing to work with all my Macs, and while my only PC which is a Gateway P-7805u FX is running Windows 8 I am using it as a OS X machine running Lion.. but I would assume that using SMB(samba) protocol would allow me to share my files on a PC as well.


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