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Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by akshea, Oct 9, 2005.

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    May 21, 2005

    I am having trouble sending a clip to a tape. All I get is the audio feed and the black out video signal. I recording using a DV camera (Panasonic DVC200). Can anyone tell me the proper way to transfer the clip to tape. I am using Final Cut to edit a portion of the movie and I have to send my part over to the other guy which is using PC premiere. The process of changing .MOV to .AVI seem to lower the video quality and we really dun want to transfer the clip in DVD format. Are there any recommandations for my situation here plz ??

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    Instead of using the "edit to tape" function you could record the playback from the timeline. Hook up camera via FW, hit "play"+"record" on the and "play" on FCP.

  3. robx2 macrumors member

    May 27, 2005
    Try using "Print to Video" and make sure that under Audio/Video Settings that your A/V devices are properly set to send the Video and Audio out through Firewire. I generally turn off desktop mirroring to cut down on wasted processor power.
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    Can someone explain what export to tape means? Print and write to tape I have done it basically takes ur edit and puts it on ur format of tape. But I heard that export is something different. Thanks
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    May 27, 2005
    My understanding is that "print to video" is moving a project, clip or sequence to a DV tape.. like when you're done with a project and want to back it up or you want to send a sequence off to someone else.

    "Edit to tape" is more for professional purposes... for doing insert and overlay edits within a linear, tape-to-tape editing system.
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    If you have a deck (VHS or other analog deck), you have to use the Print to Tape function. This simply plays the sequence or video out through the DV or other assigned video out port into the deck or camera. Edit to Tape uses timecode control to give you the ability to do a FRAME ACCURATE edit or assemble of a clip.

    For instance, when I finish an episode of my series, I use the edit to tape function to put in my bars and tone, slate, and backtime the project so that the episode itself STARTS at 1:00:00:00 or the one hour marker as most broadcast venues prefer. Edit to tape only works with a deck with a remote controller from the computer such as any DV deck/camera or Beta or DV decks with a remote control function. The computer cues up the tape to the timecode you want with edit to tape.

    Edit to tape is also useful if I need to do a very accurate insert edit in the middle of a video/project without affecting anything around it. For instance, if I need to fix something within a scene, I can do it in Final Cut Pro, and tell FCP to insert the fixed scene at the exact point where the scene starts at the tape and end at the exact point the scene ends, so when you watch it later, you'd never know that the scene was inserted separate from the rest of project.

    If I have to print something to a VHS, I just send it out via Print to Video through the DV deck or through an analog port on my breakout box.

    EXPORT is taking the project and compressing it or exporting it into a file. This has nothing to do with tape. This is usually for DVD, online, or other format that doesn't involve tape.
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    May 21, 2005
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    Hi everyone, first post here for me :)

    I have been using Print to Video to master all my programs but often I have the problem that while mastering I spot an error that needs correction, which means after correcting the error I have to start mastering from the very beginning (this can be very cumbersome when you notice an error in the last few minutes of a half an hour program!)

    I have been trying to figure out "Edit to Tape" so that in this instance I will be able to restart my mastering from the point where the fault occurred, so far I think I have figured it out 99% but I have the problem that even when I place my sequence marker on the first frame of a clip, and mark my In point on the tape in exactly the same frame, it seems to be dropping a frame during recording... Can anyone help me please?

    BTW I am using a Sony DVCAM HDV machine with firewire as my playback output.

    Thanks guys!

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