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Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by nosarrra, Jul 30, 2013.

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    I have a lot of FLAC files that I want to c0nvert to Apple Lossless. That part is easy, but preserving the meta data has stumped me. I don't want to go into each file and type the meta data, or copy and paste it. There is a meta.xml file in the top folder, so I suspect all the data is in that file, but I have no idea how to extract it from the .xml. I have searched and read a ton of strings to try and figure out how to use the .xml file to append meta data to the apple loseless files or the FLAC files. I don't believe there is any meta data in the FLAC files either, as when I open them in VLC and look at the info, it just shows the files name. Any advice? Thanks a lot.
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    Sep 16, 2012
    Is Flac the best format to convert to apple lossless? So apple lossless preserves the full quality of the music?
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    There are 3rd party converters that add meta-data such as XLD. You might try the software and see if it fills in the meta data correctly. I think it uses 3 different sources (you choose which one).

    I often convert CDs to both Apple Lossless and FLAC and this tool works well for me. It is fairly straight forward but good to go through the properties window to set up the way you want to use the system.

    While flac files are "lossless" they are no better than the source. If the source is a 128 bitrate mp3, the flac will sounds somewhat the same. The same will follow through with conversion to Apple Lossless.

    Btw, a very nice on line store for HD audio is HDtracks. I have downloaded many flac files that are 96/24 and a couple of 192/24 "albums." Just be sure you have the ability to play back. (They also offer Apple Lossless and other formats).

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