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Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by DDar, Aug 7, 2008.

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    Okay, so I just got myself a LaCie 500GB D2 Quadra HDD right? Well, I connected it to my PC thinking that it would already be in HFS+ format. Well, I was wrong and it forced me to format the drive before I could continue. ANYWAYS, I copied the formatting app thing that was on the drive originally to my computer and then continued to format my new external Harddrive to one partition of FAT32 of 29.7Gigs and another NTFS formatted partition of 435Gigs or so. Anyways, the main use of this External HDD will be data storage and backup with Time Machine.

    Anyways, it just occured to me that I need an HFS+ partition for it to work with Time Machine, right? So, I began wondering how to reformat it. I tried running the app it came with, but that didn't work, so I just put all the files I needed to copy onto it originally onto the FAT32 partition.

    Anyways, both partitions appear as two separate drives on this PC. When I right click both there's a format option, so I was wondering, should I just reformat the NTFS partition (which, as I've said, appears as a separate drive) with some sort of app such as Transmac, or should I wait until I get my Mac and, after putting the files I have on the FAT 32 side, somehow reformat the whole drive, this time to NTFS and HFS+?
    I know which seems easiest (well, for me anyways), but I'd like to know which would be best. I'd hate to do the wrong thing and somehow mess up my drive, or to lose the files I have on it right now. =/

    Thanks in advance!
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    Sure, but it's not stable, since FAT32 is an older format and NTFS is more advisable. But there is not problem with your hard drive partitioning.

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