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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by MacFan782040, Jan 28, 2007.

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    Alright. So me and a bunch of my friends started a chapter of the Kappa Sigma fraternity last year at the mid-sized school of Kutztown University. We got iniciated in December as the Omicron-Omicron chapter. We have worked our asses off in the last year and a half to become one of the most respected student organizations on campus, and in the community. We have the highest GPA and community service hours of all Greek Life on campus. We are based on morals and networking, not alcohol or hazing. From the beginning, we wanted to redefine what it has meant to be in a fraternity.

    Now-- we are planning something huge for this spring. It's gonna be called Kappa Sigma's Shave-to-Save. Basically, it's an all day event where we are going to shave people's head for cancer donations. The girls can donate locks of life if they want also. For the people who don't want to, we'll have ribbons people can buy. We are getting the entire community involved as well. We're contacting everyone-- radio stations, TV stations, newspapers, local businesses, and large corporations for donations and their time. We want to raffell off stereos and TV's, and even a car if we can for the people who donate the most money. We have a myspace set up, facebook groups, and we are in the process of a website, with the domain

    We want to make this HUGE. University officials are involved and back us up 100%. Now-- Jimmy Buffett is an alumni of Kappa Sigma. We are interested in getting him to come to either sing, or just make an appearance, to obviously attract more people. How would we go about contacting him? There seems to be no information on his website. How do you contact celeberties to come? Or maybe he would just donate money to this cause. When you are in a fraternity, you are in for life.

    I am basically asking anyone out there for their input on all of this. We are trying to make this the biggest thing to hit campus in QUITE some time. We have the resources to do it, we just need all the pieces to fit together. Anyone with suggestions on how to put something like this together would be appriciated. What do you think? Thanks!!!
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    Well, I can't give you any info about contacting Jimmy. but I can recommend that you check your state's gambling laws concerning the raffle.
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    I don't know if it will do any good, but Jimmy's an alumnus of the University of Southern Mississippi chapter of KA. You might contact them to see if he's ever done anything like this for their chapter.

    Those booking agencies are extremely costly. Plus, I doubt they run anything like your idea across him personally. That said, every available contact method is worth a shot!

    There's also a forum on his web site. I also just noticed there's a charitable foundation for parrotheads.

    Good luck and let us know how it goes!

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