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Discussion in 'Windows, Linux & Others on the Mac' started by mpg, Aug 2, 2012.

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    Aug 2, 2012

    Really appreciate some help with my attempts to install Windows XP via Fusion 4 (on 10.8) in order to test websites in various versions of IE.

    Basically, up until a couple of days ago I was happily using the time-limited images of Windows XP that Microsoft itself provides for this purpose at

    The images only last a few months, after which you have to reinstall them – which is no problem for me as I don't need to save any work, only use IE.

    However I can't seem to get the most recent one to work properly. Though I can install the machine, I can't login because it insists that I activate the software. On the page linked above, it actually says there is no need to activate (in fact, it explicitly says that it won't pass anyway) but if I try and cancel the activation process it simply won't let me login and sends me back to activation.

    So I gave up on this approach and tried to copy over an old Microsoft Virtual PC Windows XP machine. This was originally part of a MS Virtual PC + Windows XP bundle, and I have the proper serial number for it. Again, I can boot it up OK, but it then gets stuck on the part of the setup wizard where you have to name the computer. Whatever I enter, pressing 'next', 'skip this step' or just restarting always sends me back to the same place. I've read online that the Windows XP bundled with old Virtual PC might not work with anything other than Virtual PC (not Fusion) anyway, so I'm now inclining to give up on this approach too.

    Which makes me wonder if I can simply buy a copy of Windows XP somewhere and use that. All I can find is OEM versions – would these work on Fusion 4? If not, where can I find a legal copy of Windows XP?

    My last resort would be to buy a more readily available copy of Windows Vista or Windows 7, but I'd like to avoid that is it would be more expensive and wouldn't let me test in IE6 (of course, I realise that IE6 isn't very popular any more, but I still have some sites where I would like to support it).

    MS also offer time-limited images of later Windows versions on that same page, but since they are downloaded in lots of different parts getting those into something I can use in Fusion is a bit beyond me.

    Any ideas on making any of above work?

    Thanks very much!
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    Mar 27, 2012
    Brighton, UK
    Sign up for a Microsoft technet subscription. Costs £130 but you get 2x licenced copies of every Microsoft product. 2x Win7 pro, 2x win7 ultimate..... 2x microsoft office for the mac......

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