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Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by daonesteven, Dec 15, 2013.

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    So I have a 2011 MBA that I never got AppleCare for so it has not been under warranty for some time now. After having owned it for just over 2 years, I wanted to open it up so I could blow out dust that has accumulated ever since. Bought one of those pentalobe screwdrivers from iFixit and proceeded to open the bottom cover for the first time.

    What I discovered inside was something of concern: First, the screw on the RIGHT circled in red in this image ( was hopelessly stripped upon discovery. I tried to use my screwdriver to turn it but after realizing pretty much instantly that it wouldn't hold, I stopped trying to strip it even further than it was already stripped. Second, a corner of the "black plastic chassis" that is held down by the screws circled in the image, was broken off and basically just hanging there.

    So just two months after I had bought my MBA new, I accidentally spilled milk on my computer and had to pay over $800 in repairs to bring it back to its status quo. This repair was performed by the Genius Bar and I got my warranty back after the repair. I presume that this screw became stripped during this repair, since if the computer had never been opened since I purchased it, then I can't see how the screw would have ever been touched, let alone stripped to this degree. Obviously, the screw being stripped does not affect the functionality of the computer, but it prevents me from opening up my own computer to do whatever I wish with it, say if I really wanted to clean the dust deep inside. In addition, I have an interest in wanting to get this black plastic chassis replaced since a part of it is broken off. This also does not affect the functionality of the computer, and I can even take responsibility for it breaking off during normal wear and tear in the use of my computer for the past 2 years. But the screw being stripped takes away my ability to replace this part.

    I'm not sure how this predicament will fly with the Genius Bar, since the computer is no longer under warranty but something that only Apple could have done that ends up preventing me from repairing the inside of my computer. Also, there is no way I could have discovered this issue earlier since I am not allowed to open up my computer when it was under warranty for fear of losing it, and I actually did not open this computer up in any way until now. If this issue was only discoverable necessarily by virtue of Apple's warranty policy, then do I have any recourse for all of this even though my computer is no longer under warranty?
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    Impossible to prove. Your dependent on the genius you meet.

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