Help with getting a game onto iphone. SSH or FTP

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    Mar 14, 2011
    i used the search button and couldn't find a thread to help me. I have a iphone 3G 16gb that has been jailbroken but not unlocked (i was told it cant be unlocked)

    Version - 4.2.1 (8C148)
    Model - MB499LL

    Modem Firmware - 05.14.02

    I was told that the wifi has malfunctioned so I can't put the game onto the phone via wifi and because it can't be unlocked I can't use my sim card either. I have the game downloaded already onto my computer (Shadow Guardian) and I have iFunBox, iTunes 10, and I'm using a desktop computer.

    I tried to add the game via iFunBox with Cydia and I went to this forum ( and it didn't work.

    Is there anyway I can SSH or FTP this game onto the phone without access to wifi or data? i just want to be able to add games onto it. I've done something similar with my itouch with iFunBox but that was with installous and I don't know how to get installous onto the iPhone without data or wifi.

    is there any other information you would need from me from the phone in order to help you help me?

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