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    Feb 18, 2018
    Hey guys. New here so if this is the wrong area to post this sorry. I need HELP!

    I have a MacBook that stopped working about a year and half ago after it got wet. A few months later I got a new MacBook. I took the old Mac's hard drive out (Hitachi HDD SATA) and was using it to store videos/pictures and files by hooking it up to my new mac with a USB enclosure. For a year, moving to and from no issue. Friday I decided to move all of my Photos (the Library fold cause it was about 20GB). It moved over, just fine. I double checked it worked, then deleted the Photo Library on the mac I use. I then noticed the USB drive was getting kind of full, it was about 40GB of space. So I delete a lot of files i didn't need. System files, program files, anything that wasn't videos/pictures. As it was deleted this (about 3,000 files) it got to about 2,100 more to go and my son throw his book pack on to my enclouser, cause it to unplug during the delete. I thought nothing much of it, and deleted I would just delete the rest later.

    Well I plugged in the drive, then connected it by USB, and noticed i couldn't hear the drive sound I mostly do. I didn't think much of it but then saw it was not showing in Finder. I check the USB, the AC plug, and unplugged the drive and plugged it back. Hit power again and noticed it wasn't making any sounds and didn't feel like it was doing anything. When I place my ear to the drive itself I can hear a click right after i hit power. No other sounds. (video below).

    Thinking it must me my enclosure I tested out a older hard drive I had, it powered and showed on Finder, so I knew it was the hard drive, not the enclosure.

    So now my question is, is this hard drive dead? Have I lost all the photos? I had about 5-6 years of family photos on it, and my daughter had almost all her photos on it also. I see now I should have put them in a cloud or something.

    Is there anyone to get this drive back or at the least the photos off it? Any help? I got the feeling the news is bad.

    thank you so much.

    Here is a video but to hard to hear tick sound

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    Feb 20, 2009
    "So now my question is, is this hard drive dead? Have I lost all the photos? I had about 5-6 years of family photos on it, and my daughter had almost all her photos on it also. I see now I should have put them in a cloud or something."

    I don't have any specific info that could help you to get the drive running again.
    You may not like the advice I'll offer next:

    You have learned a hard, hard lesson here.

    That lesson is:
    Never never NEVER trust data that you cherish to only one drive.

    Always always ALWAYS have your data backed up on at least one, preferably TWO backup drives.

    So... from this day forth, go forward and learn -- a much sadder, but wiser, man.

    For the future:
    Keep at least ONE backup copy of your primary storage drive.
    I recommend either CarbonCopyCloner or SuperDuper as FAR SUPERIOR TO Time Machine.

    Update the backup at least once a week.
    If you have a work location where you can "store a drive", keep a SECOND backup drive at work. What happens to your data if your house burns down?

    Again, wish I had more advice to offer.

    Be aware that there are professional data recovery firms that -might- be able to access the files on the drive, but it will cost LOTS OF MONEY -- be prepared to pay $1,000 or more. Your choice.
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    there are special data recovery companies if it super important but expect pay alot.

    we use a few for some our business clients.

    Agree above copy to external but never rely on just that one drive!

    Try the trial version of Stella photo recovery, I have had it read and get data off drives that dont show in both Mac and windows.
    if trial works then you will need pay to unlock the recovery but it will show you what it can recover with free version. Think it about $40 for program from memory. I had my copy so long I forget.
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    Feb 18, 2018
    I will try that
    I was able to shake the hard drive, now it makes a booting sound, does that clicking sound for maybe 3 mins then hear spinning for a second then nothing else but can feel it on and seems fine but not showing on Finder or UD

    Is the freeze there really a thing that could work or is that just going damage it more

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