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Discussion in 'Mac Programming' started by cybrscot, Mar 25, 2011.

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    Nevermind, figured this one out. Found a good example online.
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    Sixteen in hex would be 10
    Or, to be recognized by the C compiler as a hexadecimal constant, 0x10
    0x77 is 7 x 16(1) + 7 x 16(0)
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    The "0x" prefix is used in the C family of languages. Sometimes you see an "H" appended to the number to signify it's hexadecimal, or a subscript "16". So, the book is just being sloppy.

    You have the pattern right.

    I don't quite understand your question about 16 - in a base-16 system, it would be "10".

    The value of "0" is still "0" - in any system.
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    cybrscot, please don't edit away your question, it really breaks the thread continuity and doesn't help anyone in the future who may have a similar question.

    Use the "resolved" tag for the thread if it's solved and ADD "Nevermind, figured this one out." to your post without removing the original question.

    It would also be nice to others if you gave a link to the site you found useful.


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