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May 4, 2017
good mornig i need help, in the rapport system i have one app infinium strike that i want to dellete but i can not find in the finder , serch , i try everthing ... all my files are ShowAllFiles ... and nathing



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Aug 8, 2016
Searching the web for "Infinium Strike" points to a game installed in some ecosystem like Steam.
I don't use Steam, but it should install in "~/Library/Application Support/Steam/steamapps/STEAMUSERNAME/".

Searching for files not shown in a Spotlight Finder search can be done in Terminal App like:
sudo find / -ctime -1w -name "*infinium*"
This will search for all files containing the word "infinium" that were changed within one week. You can leave away "-ctime -1w" to get all files without a timeframe. Type "man find" into Terminal for more information.

An easy to use free GUI App that finds "hidden" files is EasyFind.
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Feb 20, 2009
1. Download "EasyFind":

2. Set it up as follows:
- search for files and folders
- operator - phrase
- comparison - ignore case
- include - package contents & invisible files and folders

3. enter "infinium strike" and hit return

4. EasyFind will locate everything that includes that search string.

5. You can try "select all" and then delete. THIS MAY NOT DELETE EVERYTHING, but it will delete all that aren't in protected folders that require password access.

6. For those files that remain, do this WITH EACH ONE:
- in EasyFind, click on the filename to select it
- choose "reveal in finder"
- drag file to the trash, your administrative password may be required.
- go to the next file, repeat, etc.

When done, empty the trash.
Now use EasyFind to check again, to see if anything's left.


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Aug 8, 2016
Your screenshot just means, that there is no file called "infinium" or containing the word on your mac or attached drives.

Maybe you already deleted the Game and therefore can't find it anymore? Did you try to search for "*strike*" or "*codex*", too? The developer is probably "Codex Worlds". Can you remember, if you installed the Game or the Demo with, Steam or something else?

You could check in Console App (in utilities folder) the "install.log" file to gain some more information about what has happened at the install time.
Alternatively in the "System Information" window from your first screenshot, there is an entry for protocols (probably "Historiques"). From there you can access install protocols (/var/log/install.log), too.
- search for files and folders
I don't think that will find something else.
But one could search for "file contents" either with EasyFind or in Terminal:
sudo grep -ir "infinium" /
EDIT: Yes @Fishrrman, you were right. I completely forgot about case sensitivity of find!
sudo find / -iname "*infinium*"
This (-iname) ignores the case and should do, what you suggested to do with EasyFind.

The same goes for grep command, the "i" is case insensitive
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