Help with install 10.3 on iBook via Target Mode


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Jan 21, 2006
Hi, I'm trying to install 0S on an iBook Clamshell (with firewire) via target mode. I connected to my mac mini and did an erase and install. The compuer forces you to restart. It all seemed to work. But when I try to start up the iBook it gets to the Login starting message (almost full blue bar) and not much happens until eventually it goes to a blue screen. Now maybe I messed up with the user account setting...didn't use any password or something else. Or is something else wrong...Even though i did an erase and install, did i need newer firmware before installing (the iBook had 9.0.4 on it last, not sure of firmware)? The install proces didn't ask for it. Is there anything I can do now or should I try and reinstall all again? Any help appreciated.


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Nov 8, 2005
Was your panther disk from your macmini? If so it probably won't work on your iBook because the disks that ship with your mini are only designed for the mini. If you put them directly in the iBook it would have told you the fault - but because you used TDM it thinks it is installing on a mini. Your mini is a G4 I assume? Try putting the mini in TDM then pop the disk in and you should be able to boot from it on your iBook - if it gives an error then you will need a full version of 10.3.