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    As in if I say download an mp3 on my iPad through download manager HD instead of iTunes, is there any way to get that mp3 implemented into the iPad inboard iPod app (library) without manually connecting my iPad to a computer taking that mp3 off the iPad and then putting it back onto it with iTunes? There has to be a way, no?

    Basically I want to transfer my downloaded file from the application downloads to my iPod library without using my computer
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    Well music is stored in:

    This is the path on my iPhone 4s, not sure if it is the same on the iPod, but basically you could use the same concept as below.

    You can try copying the file in one of the folders using "iFile", never done it before so not sure how well it will work or if your iPod will recognize it.
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    Aug 22, 2011
    In the past on iOS 4, I tried this to ko avail.. Does it work in ios 5??

    Can some one confirm??
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    you can use "Muze" App to play download song and songs in itunes's library

    there are the App called "Muze" that let you download and play the MP3 file with the songs in iphone/ipod touch library. so you don't have to copy MP3 file into itune's library

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