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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by jshelton, Jun 26, 2009.

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    Here is my deal:

    I am currently under contract with Verizon until January 2010. The service is GREAT. I never lose calls or enter spots without service. AT&T is not bad in my area, but there is no 3G. The city I work in has 3G, but not where I live. At the house, I will always be on EDGE.

    I can pay $90 to terminate my Verizon contract, and purchase the iPhone 3Gs. I will have decent service, but not 3G all the time. Also, I am worried that I will sign the contract and then I will not be able to upgrade when/if a new iPhone is released next year. Even worse, I will end a long relationship with Verizon, and then they will finally carry the iPhone while I am stuck with AT&T.

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    Numerous people are unloading their 3g's for cheap... You could grab one for a year and see how it works out for you where you need to use it. If you already have the phone then a contract isn't required...
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    I was forced to sign a 2 year contract without buying a phone from AT&T. I took in a used 1st gen iPhone and needed a sim card and they made me sign the contract to get the sim card. (Didn't effect my upgrade eligibility though, i could get a subsidized phone at anytime.)

    You can sign up and "try" the phone. They give you 30 days to cancel your contract and return the phone and only paying for what you used. (And possibly a 10% restocking fee on the phone itself).

    Either way, EDGE isn't that bad. If you have wifi in your house, then only having EDGE at home shouldn't even be an issue.
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    I didn't even think about the wifi. Good call.

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