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    Jan 29, 2007
    Hey guys...

    I'm not a noob by any means... but there HAS to be a better way than this.

    I've downloaded from iTunes about 80 or so movies and encoded my entire DVD library which now resides in the closet, thank goodness.

    I will eventually buy an Apple TV, so this is a moot point...

    BUT UNTIL THEN... I'm manually syncing the iPhone with whatever movie I want to watch... but it's a PAIIIIN...

    I have 400 or so movies... and finding all the ones I want in that stupid little scroll list... and selecting them... takes a while... and is a PAIIIIN... did I say that already?

    Is there an easier way to do this? Say... wouldn't it be nice if you could right click, for instance, on a movie in coverflow mode... and have an option such as "add to ipod/iphone playlist" or some such... and would automatically sync when you clicked sync?

    Is the way I'm doing it the ONLY way... or is there an easy or alternative method I'm missing?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. BiikeMike macrumors 65816


    Sep 17, 2005
    You could make your own iPhone movie playlist, and when going through your movies, drag the ones you want to put on your iPhone into that playlist, and then delete the movies you've watched out of that playlist.

    You can then set your iPhone to automatically sync that list.

    Is that what you are looking for?

    EDIT: I reread your original post, wouldn't it be easier to just do a search for the movie(s) you want to put on your phone instead of cover flow? I guess if you have that many, you may not know what you have, but if you want a specific movie, you could just search for it, and put it in the playlist like I described above.

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