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    I have iWork, but my teacher uses Microsoft Office. He makes these powerpoints that are like jeopardies for the class to compete with what we've learned. For the scores, he has these textboxes on one screen, and he can change the number while viewing it as a slideshow. However, when I download the powerpoint to Keynote, it's an uneditable textbox. Is there a option for me to add one in? Or would I have to use Microsoft Office for Mac?

    Oh, he also adds audio. Click a button, we get an answer wrong or right, etc. The buttons show, but I guess the audio has been removed.
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    Unfortunately, that's often a problem viewing a PPT presentation in Keynote(and also exporting a Keynote presentation as a PPT and then viewing on a PC), somethings will work but some won't.

    You'll have to edit your presentation to make it work. You can add your own textboxes from the Insert menu and add your own audio files.
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    I believe audio files are only linked, not embedded, at least in anything less than Powerpoint 2010. If you only have the ppt file, the audio files are broken links.

    Unfortunately, Keynote takes over the mac so you can't edit while in show mode. One of the few ways Powerpoint is better is you can edit slides while still in show mode.

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