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Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by finnschi, Jan 9, 2010.

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    So my Boss is waht you would call a Paparazzi, and she was using a iBook to manage her photos, now the iBook is broken... she just Ordered a macbook Pro..

    Her Old setup:

    Photoshop CS(1)

    her workflow was the following

    Put all pictures into one folder on the Mac, open them in preview and filter out the best(by writing down Image names on a piece of paper...) then putting the best ones into a new "best of folder"

    After that she loaded up the best off pictures in Photoshop, then she did some cropping and little adjustments to the Pictures.

    After that she loaded up the Pictures in Photostation to tag them(IPCT) and add comments and a headline... when she was done with that she was able to use Photostation to directly upload them to a FTP server.

    Now its my task to develop a new workflow because she does not want to pay so much money for software...

    my idea: Lightroom(much cheaper than Photoshop+Photostation :)

    1. Put CF card into card reader
    2. in import dialogue ,add tags and a Meta data Preset for her company
    3. In library mode, pick best photos by flagging them as PICK(press P).
    4. Filter for "only flagged"
    5. Go into Develop mode to crop, and do sharpening and all other adjustments.
    6. Now I am stuck... How do I export to a FTP server? "web" mode only gives me the option to upload some full website , but I only want to upload the Picture files....... :( I also need a list of saved FTP servers (for numerous newspapers and her own Archive) :rolleyes:

    Maybe you guys have an idea? :apple:
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    John Thawley is a pro motorsports photographer and an avid Aperture user. He maintains a blog with a lot of great stuff on Aperture, including this 3 part series on workflow.

    The Apple Pro Training Series book on Aperture 2 is also very good.

    If you are just starting out with Aperture, both are highly recommended. At least read John Thawley's article on workflow.

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