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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by ergo0100, Dec 12, 2008.

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    Dec 12, 2008
    Hi! I'm new in Mac and I want to emulate the mac Quadra in my pc with Basilisk II. I have the ROM, installation image and emulator. Actually I can start the OS but it appears a floppy image with a question mark (?) blinking in the center. For writing the boot image to a floppy i have to format the floppy and mount the Network Access.image to that floppy. The BIG problem is that in the web where I downloaded the program for writing the boot disk says textually: "Note: Gemulator Explorer seems to not function correctly under Windows XP. You may need to use another Windows OS to create a boot floppy if you use Windows XP.":confused::confused:In my house are XP's only!!! I am only two seps of having a Mac in my pc. Ah! Also when the file Network Access.image is mounted it looks like the files in the image were extracted. Finally in the floppy disk there are the mac folders and files you may find in a boot disk instead of the Network Access.image file as shown in the web images. Here's the link for the instuctions I've followed: . Does anybody knows another program that do the same?!

    Please help!

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    The system software of "mac Quadra" is >15 years old and has very little resemblance with the current Mac OS OSX.

    To put things in perspective. An iPod has more processing power than the quadra. An iPhone has close to 15 times the processing power of the most powerful quadra.
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    Not to mention it is a violation of the software license agreement to run Mac on the PC. We're not supposed to help people violate the agreements.

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