Help with Mac Server Setup in bangalore India

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    May 3, 2012
    We are a mid size Law Firm based out of Bangalore India, we have about 50 nodes/clients running mainly linux (Ubuntu), we do not mind changing them to any other linux platform like Fedora or Red Hat.

    We also have around 4-5 Mac Pros and some windows machines to run a few windows programs.

    We need to use the server as a mail/data server.

    We need to have remote log in as also roaming login, i.e., anyone can access their profile from any system within the office or outside using VPN.

    We also need calendar and other services to be enabled.

    Hardware - MacPro
    Software - Snow Leopard Server.

    We use open office, evolution/thunderbird.

    We were not able to enable NIS leading to issues.

    Our Mail service provider is Gmail - Free Account, which needs to be downloaded to the server and distributed, so that we have a back up of mail.

    We also want to have a firewall to block all sites - http and https except those permitted.

    All social network sites and web main services need to be blocked.
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