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    OK, so I have a 3GS and there is (allegedly) a feature where it shows the direction you ate facing, and will turn the map for you while using "turn by turn" (I use that term loosely since it's not truely turn by turn) so it's oriented to the way you are travelling. For example if I take a right onto a street the map is supposed to turn so that my blue location dot is now traveling towards the top of the screen, not towards the right. I used the App for navigation last night and it did not do that. In fact, it had me travelling DOWN the screen (was headed south) so everything was opposite of what it was in real life. I KIND of saw the "directional facing" feature when I stopped off for food and used it to check my location. There was a white cone coming off the blue dot that moved with the direction I faced. However, I haven't seen that cone since, and I definately haven't seen the map "orient" itself to the direction I'm traveling. Do I have to turn this feature on somewhere? If so, where, since there are no options menus in the actual maps app? Help is greatly appreciated, thanks.
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    When you are in maps tapping the circular icon in the lower left hand corner turns on the "locate me" feature and tells the phone to zoom into your location. Tapping this button again will turn on the direction support using the magnometer. You will then get the "white cone" you referred to and the map will orient itself around your direction. Tapping the icon once more turns this feature back off.

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    Awesome, thanks so much, it was driving me nuts haha.

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