Help with MBP and Multisync monitor spyder 3 calibration

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by tigerscorpion, May 8, 2010.

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    I have the new MBP 15", the spyder 3 pro and the LCD3090wqxi external display. I've spent hours with tweaking white balance settings and following the advice of NEC and datacolor tech support. After reading deep into the datacolor Spyder 3 FAQ, I found a very vague reference to how the Spyder 3 did not initially work with my "wide color gamut" monitor but now "there have been some improvements."
    I went with the Spyder 3 calibration for 2 reasons: cheaper and the NEC spectraview does not work with the dual link adapter from the MBP, it's necessary to buy the single link adapter and do a work around solely to get their calibration device to work. Sorry this is long but it's a complicated issue and I'm guessing others here may have had similar experience and hopefully can offer some help.
    At this point I feel like Datacolor misrepresented their system as compatible with my monitor; their tech support said so. It was suggested I buy the $99. software upgrade to the Spyder3 elite. I did so and the calibration got worse! Anyway I feel ripped off and wish I had just gotten the NEC calibrator. Any suggestions?
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    Tweaking the WB settings on what? The multisync?

    I have also heard that the Spyder 3 has trouble with wide gamut displays. I've also heard/seen evidence that the Spyder 3 colorimeter has trouble calibrating LED backlit displays too. I think all of the lower end colorimeters do. If you're trying to match the multisync to the MBP, do it the other way around. Trust the calibration on the external monitor, and tweak the WB of the MBP to match. That's what I do with my Dell 2209WA and my MBP13. i use the i1Display2 and it seems to make the MBP display too pink if you just set the WB to 6500K, compared to the Dell 2209WA (CCFL backlight, standard gamut). I just manually adjust the WB of the MBP to match the external, and then run the calibration, it matches the 2209 *very* closely after that.

    FWIW I'm pretty sure the NEC spectrometer is just a rebadged i1 Display2, so it has the same problems with LED sources.


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