Help with MBP Boot Camp - no optical drive

Discussion in 'Windows, Linux & Others on the Mac' started by P90, Apr 7, 2013.

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    Jun 5, 2012
    Hello everyone, for about the past 7 days, I have tried installing boot camp on my macbook pro late 2011. My MBP Has an hdd in the optical drive bay, and a hybrid drive in the hdd bay. Recently, after the failure to install boot camp the first few times, I bought an enclosure for my optical drive. I have a copy of windows online in iso format, so everything should be working, but, it has not. I have tried using a bootable usb flash drive, with SEVERAL different ones, to no avail. I have made boot camp look as if I had a MBA, to no avail. I have burned a bootable iso to a blank cd, to no avail. NOTHING HAS WORKED. I have waited around 32 hours of work in 7 days to post onto this website, thinking I can do it myself, but I simply cannot. When I did the bootable usb drive method, I got a please insert the bootable disk, and then press any key. And then when I did the bootable blank dvd with a bootable iso on it, all my mbp would do is blink that cursor thingy on the black screen. EVERY single usb drive was taken out for the computer. The only things plugged in were my charger, and the external optical drive bay. Please help me with any useful info, as it would help me so much.

    P.s. I have also used Wine/Crossover. I am ONLY doing this so I can game windows games on Steam. It is the sole and only reason for this venture. Crossover did not have enough support for the games I wanted to play, and would crash often, and Wine will not work with some of the newer games, with very little support/incentive from developers. Please if I have done something wrong by trying to use these, or maybe I'm just not using them right, please tell me.

    If anyone has any other solutions to windows games played on a mac through steam, please tell me, It would mean a lot.
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    Jul 24, 2011
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    You will need to reinstall the SuperDrive to install Windows. The 2011 MacBook Pro does not support booting Windows from USB. The hack you did to Boot Camp only enabled Boot Camp Assistant to create the USB drive, but it does not work due to an EFI limitation of your MacBook Pro. That is why the option is not available to begin with.

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