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Jan 25, 2008
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Hi All
I am currently trying to decide between two monitors (to drive a 2018 MacBook Pro):

Available for £320 with a discount I can get​


£679 (So over double the price)​

I understand the limitation of the Samsung, namely the lack of USB C. But my work flow is going to Microsoft Office, Internet Browsing and at most, YouTube. I do not game, or do any professional photo or video editing.
For me, having a split screen (using say, Excel and PowerPoint) is more important - ie. screen real estate.

In reality, my research suggest there really isn't much in it in terms of screen real estate (my calculations suggest 10cm in width) - but the quality of the Samsung from a 'sharpness' should be better?

Whilst I do have a budget, it's not everyday you buy a monitor - so I would rather know if I am falling into a massive trap by buying the Samsung? Both look great in terms of aesthetics (important to me) - but have I over simplified this. Should I be considering anything else?

Any help welcome - please let me know if I have missed anything important in making the right choice?

Links to manufacture websites, too:




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Feb 20, 2009
I'm not a fan of "ultra-wides", but perhaps that's just me.

You're aware that the Samsung display that you linked to above has a base which must be "clamped" to the desk?

Here's the version with a "normal" display stand:

A list that might offer some help when searching for displays:
IPS Monitor List: Best AHVA, PLS & IPS LCD Displays
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