help with MSN gaming zone on a mac


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I got my grandmother to switch to a Mac, but now she can't play bridge because the Safari browser is apparently not supported on the MSN gaming website.

I thought I heard in passing once about a Mac browser that can pretend it's internet explorer and use certain sites that usually shut mac users out--anyone know of anything like that I could recommend?


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Nov 3, 2005
Safari, by enabling the Debug menu.

But I expect the MSN gaming site uses ActiveX so you'll have to use another version, like Yahoo's.


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Thanks very much!

I actually gave her a list of other sites she could play bridge at. Apparently yahoo doesn't work well for her, I forget exactly what she didn't like about it.

I'm kind of the go-to person since I convinced her to get a Mac. And it's worked out well for them, doing video chats etc. And I've been able to give good technical advice.

But then it's like oh yeah, I'm the guy who recommended the computer that can't even play bridge. And I know MSN zoning is not important, but when it's important to someone who doesn't have any loyalty to a particular brand of computer and doesn't see the larger scheme of microsoft making proprietary web technologies, it makes Apple--and me--look bad. To her, it's just, well this computer can't do that--not Microsoft is using a technology they made that can only run in internet explorer on windows.

Begs the question, could apple make an active x plug in if they wanted to?

Would be nice. Before the days of dual booting into windows, I worked for an at home telesales company and had to buy a PC expressly for using an activex web app that I couldnt run any other way.