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    Well heres the deal, i use to have multiflow on my 3.1.2 3g iphone. However i grew out of love with it once i saw the latest version of proswitcher. I tried uninstalling multiflow but there was no option to do it in cydia.Please help me delete this monster without its app icon keep reappearing every time i respring my phone.

    My second question is that when using multiflow i wanted that if you activate the proswitcher on a specific app that it will then show the cards system without it having to normally just go back to springboard. I activated the feature of enabling on homescreen on both enabled and background which now makes that i get this option but it also makes any app i close out of go straight to mutltitasking! please help me get this working!
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    Ask the mods to move your thread to hacking.

    Are you uninstalling multiflow in Cydia (under Manage)?
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