[HELP] With my iPhone 3G Battery!


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Mar 25, 2012
Hello everybody. Im new to this Forum. And i was wondering if anybody could help me?

My iPhone 3G wont charge. And when it dose, it goes to the apple sign and after a bit turns off and goes back to charging. once it dose it the second time, it just stays on the apple sign.



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Jan 9, 2012
Try putting your iPhone in DFU mode. Do a quick Google search on how to do this.

If you are successful, restore your iPhone to it's original settings.


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Mar 27, 2009
I cant it dosent connect to iTunes!
Did you put your phone in DFU mode, then try to restore the phone? I assume you did. If so, try this:
1) Try to restore the phone using a USB cable that you know works.
2) Use that same USB cable to try to charge your phone using the wall charger.

-iPhone is connected to the computer (Windows will most likely make a ding sound when you plug it in)
--but iTunes does not recognize it, then something could be wrong with iTunes as well. Update iTunes and try again.
--and iTunes recognizes it, then either the other cable or the wall charger is defective.
-iPhone is connected to a charger
--but the problem persists,
---and the problem does not present itself when plugged in to other chargers
----then the wall charger is defective.
---and the problem persists regardless of the charger
----then the iPhone is defective. Start counting down the days until you are eligible to upgrade to an iPhone 4S.
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