Help with network troubleshooting on Mac Pro


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Oct 1, 2007
I have an issue with my network speeds with Mac Pro running Lion 10.7.2 copying data to and from windows 7 desktop and Windows Home Server 2011.

Basically the issue at hand is my throughput is half of that of windows hardware. I had this running back on Snow leopard and didn't have same issue but ever since i upgraded to Lion this issue persisted. Mac pro with Snow Leopard was running at full speed of around 100MB/s

Here are few tests that I ran and results:

Mac Pro to Windows 7 desktop less than 50MB/s
Windows 7 desktop to Mac Pro less than 60MB/s

Mac Pro to WHS 2011 - around 40MB/s
WHS2011 to Mac Pro - less than 60MB/s

Windows 7 to WHS 2011 - more than 90MB/s
WHS2011 to Windows 7 - more than 90MB/s

Switch is dell powerconnect 2716 managed gigabit switch. All cables are Cat 6
Mac Pro 2009 with Lion 10.7.2 using Ethernet 1 With auto configuration
Windows 7 desktop is Gateway SX2840-01 Core I3
WHS2011 is running on HP N40L microserver with 8GB RAM, 2x2TB Seagate green drives in Raid1.
Everything is gigabit.

Any suggestions on how to fix this issue?




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Oct 1, 2007
thanks for the tip but it looks like lion is not the same as snow leopard. I don't have /etc/smb.conf file


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Dec 20, 2010
Have you tested both the network ports on your Mac Pro, do both yield the same results?

I have a Mac Pro connected to the same Dell switch as you, I'll have to look at my transfer speeds, can't recall them being as slow as yours. My Mac Pro is a 2008 model.


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Jul 17, 2010
Can you run cifs on the server and test again? Samba in 10.7 was stripped out for Apples "new" proprietary SMB stack so results could be very version 1.0. There were terrible speed issues relating to NAS boxes early in the beta's of 10.7. Crashed a few SAN's as well.