Help with Numbers (or maybe you can suggest a better programme?)

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    Now I've tried to search this but it's quite a specific thing, and I can't seem to word it right in Google. Anyhow, I'm looking to create a graph in Numbers (or any other programme that's not hugely expensive) where the is a picture at 50% opacity. When the number gets higher to the target number, the picture gradually starts getting opaque-er.

    For example, if my target number was 400 and I had 100 as the value, the picture would be 25% opaque and 75% at half the opacity.

    Anyone know how I could do this?
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    Howdy. In all my years with Excel (as an analyst for Fortune 100 company), I think the only way we could achieve that was using VBA. I know we had some complicated formulas to help do some coloring but mostly with sheets, not charts; I think this one needed VBA. But that has been 3+ years since I have even used Excel.

    If you want to poke around in Excel, Excel User (Charley Kyd’s site) has much valuable information and techniques.

    Or try this program: Vvidget which is designed for charting and only $20 US,

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