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    Lately I have been having a problem that I hope you can help me with. A few weeks ago, I launched a new website ( and all went well…until a few days ago, I couldn't get on the site. I tried on both my macbook (a new one, only a few months old) and an older macbook pro that just got a new logic board and hard drive. I also tried on a pc and ipad--no luck. I get the "Safari can't open the page…….because the server where the page is located isn't responding" message. These difficulties extended to the login page for the site, which is, and the hoster's email account page for me, and led me to believe that it was the problem with the host, since all other sites worked perfectly.

    So thinking it was my website host/designers, I emailed them and asked if the site was down. They denied that it was down, saying it was indeed active and that they saw it on "their side". Then later, I emailed back saying I was indeed still having problems and could they check it out? They responded somewhat confusedly, and one of the employees said that she saw the same "server" message I did, but then the other employee said all was working fine. He gave me a website to evaluate if the site is live,, which I had never used before. Using that site, I plugged in the addresses that were giving me trouble, and they worked! But I still want to be able to access my site from safari without going through that extra step every time. Also, since my site is a blog with frequently updated content, I worry that my readers might have similar problems.

    I did try an experiment though--first I tried to open the site on my iPhone, with a wi fi connection. That didn't work. Then I tried using just cellular data…and it worked like a charm! Today I was two hours away from home in Vermont and logged onto their wireless network, thinking perhaps that would make the difference--and once again, it loaded like a dream.

    So from my research, this leads me to believe that it's a, a)hosting problem that no one seems willing to discover yet, or b) it's a problem with my wireless routers. The hosting service employees seem to believe it's the latter. I'm very confused as to how this could be happening with just one page.

    Has anyone run into this particular problem and what did you do to solve it? I have already cleared out caches, history, and cookies, rebooted my router, and checked my network settings. There is no problem with internet connection other than this (I have the highest package offered by Time Warner Cable at home, and my service at my work is a fairly fast business class wireless package) and the home router is brand new, while the one at my business rarely gives me any problems. I did see something about changing the MAC name on a router, but I didn't want to jump into that because I'm afraid I will somehow disable all the connections.

    I didn't have any other resources to consult so I hope this isn't too off-topic….I would appreciate any advice you can give me. Thanks! :)
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    Try loading your site with the IP (ie: bypass DNS.) If it works, you have a DNS problem. Either DNS records haven't propagated completely yet, or there's some other DNS problem. Doubt it's the former, though, since it's been "weeks". Your ISP is probably having DNS issues. You should probably call them.

    This most likely is not a Macbook Pro related problem, though. So, you may want to post your question in a more appropriate forum. Your chances of getting the right help will increase accordingly by doing so.
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    Thanks. I found the ip address using Terminal…and that didn't seem to work either. Still says, "the page where the server is located isn't responding". Is it still most likely a DNS problem?

    I didn't think it was a problem with the computer, since they are both in great working shape. I just didn't know of any other forums that might be able to address this problem. Do you have any recommendations for other more appropriate forums?

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