Help with opening app in Yosemite

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    I just purchased iPad retina mini and it came with 7.0.4 what a surprise?! I wanted to jailbreak this iPad.

    So, I downloaded evasion 7 and click on app to open in Yosemite on mac mini late 2014 and it can't be opened. I did was going to system preference > security&privacy > clicked lock to make changes and allow to downloaded from anywhere, Problem still here even I restarted still there.

    Anyone know the fix?
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    Jan 23, 2015
    Just right click (control click) on it and click open, that will then give you a dialog that you can again choose to open it.

    The setting is in System Preferences, Security and it's set by default to allow only signed applications and those from the App Store.

    Just be sure you want to open it... that's my only advice.
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