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Mac King

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Jul 7, 2005
I have a G3 that I was trying to upgrade from OS 9.2 to OS X 3 (Panther).
Everytime I put the Install CD in, I got an error message that the "startup
disk was unable to select the install cd as the startup disk (-2)"

I tried to point the control panel startup disk to the cd, but although I
could see it, it wouldn't let me highlight it.

Online, I got advice to "create a "System Disk2" folder and copy OS X
Install CD tp it. Then, alledgelly, I could switch from OS 9 to OS X

Well, did that. Now machine boots to "Apple" screen and stays there. Try to
reboot system with Panther cd inside and hold "C: at bootup, but to no

How can I correct this, either by installing OSX or going back? Don't have
my original OS 9 disk, but even with it, will machine "see" it?




If I use another "Panther" dvd that came with my Mac Mini, and hold down the
"C", it will start to boot to that, but get the message "Can't load bundled

If I hold down "C" at reboot with standard "Panther" cd, nothing happens,
still get chromed apple and nothing else.

Mac King

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Jul 7, 2005
I checked the firmware update and it says that my firmware is up to date. So what should I do now?


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Oct 21, 2003
Portland, OR
Where did you get this install CD for Panther? Is it a generic installer from Apple? What kind of G3 is this?