Help with port forwarding for Security software?

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    Hello All, and thanks in advance for the help. I am looking for a solution to allow me to use my macbook's isight as a security camera or streaming camera/webcam to be able to log in over the internet and see whats happening in my study. I've used evocam to have it set up to record on movement, and after some searching found a program called Iris that will stream the webcam over the internet which was suggested in this guide . At the end of the guide it says if you want to view the feed over the internet if your not on the same network then be sure you have port-forwarding set up and says : "Now to view your feed from outside your home, and provided you set up port forwarding, simply visit http://your-external-ip:your-port/ "
    This is where I'm looking for help ,I have a lot of knowledge on basic things but know little to nothing as far as advanced networking and administration. I have an airport extreme, and I have a basic understanding of what port forwarding is and how to get to the port mapping setup area of the airport wizard but thats about it.
    Once i get to this screen, I'm Lost. Thanks for all the help.
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    Hi, I know you're using Iris, but EvoCam has a built in web streaming service that was really easy for me to set up. I just followed these instructions and it was easy. Keep in mind that the IP address of your computer will be unique to you (to find it out just see what it says when you click on the "set up web server" in evocam. Then to find out your ip address of your house just google "whats my ip" and you will then know what to click to see your webcam.

    here are the instructions I followed to set it up.

    is also a useful resource, with general port forwarding information and step-by-step instructions for a wide variety of routers.

    For AirPort, you will need to use the AirPort Utility to add a 'Port Mapping' entry as follows. Note: these instructions assume your AirPort base station is set to distribute 10.0.1.x addresses - if your AirPort base station is set to distribute 192.168.1.x addresses instead, be sure to use a 192.168.1.x address in place of
    Open the AirPort Utility (located in Applications > Utilities)
    Select your base station and click Manual Setup
    Click the Internet icon in the toolbar
    Click the NAT tab
    Click the Configure Port Mappings button
    Click Add (+)
    In the Public TCP Port field type in: 8080
    In the Private IP Address field type in: whatever your computers IP address it (it will start with 10.something or 192.something)
    In the Private TCP Port field type in: 8080
    Click Continue
    In the Description field type in: EvoCam
    Click Done
    Click the Internet icon in the toolbar
    Click the TCP/IP tab and make a note of your DNS Server(s)
    Click Update

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