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  1. Imola Ghost, Feb 8, 2012
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    Imola Ghost macrumors 65816

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    Ok, let me try and explain this....

    I've got a friend who bought an iPad 2 and got it all set up, made a few purchases and at the same time was letting his kid use it. His kid made a few purchases (kid games & what not) now since the kid uses it more he decided to give the iPad 2 to her.

    Since he's using iCloud for his iPhone 4S and the iPad 2 was on the same account (along with many purchases) he keeps getting all kinds of new games and purchases on his iPhone 4S and doesn't want that.

    What do you guys recommend for them to do as far as his kid keeping some of the paid purchases and game saves. Especially his kid has been playing the "Smurf's" game and has actually bought a bunch of in-game purchases along with how much of the game she has built up. I mean this kid has a entire Smurf community growing corn and berries, building houses and what not she DOES NOT want to lose.

    They have no problem with re-downloading any free games and transferring it over. But how to you keep a game save like the above without losing any of the progress?

  2. Dorje Sylas, Feb 8, 2012
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    Go to Settings > Store > turn off Automatic downloads for Apps.

    This will not impact iCloud but will stop any new kid games from auto-downloading whenever he buys them for his daughter on the iPad. I would also suggest the same on the iPad to keep business Apps and such auto downloading into the iPad.

    The iCloud data backup is different from the auto-download.

    *edit* As to making a new account, you can't really transfer save game data (there are ways but we can't really help you with that on MacRumors I think). However she can keep the old games and data under her dads AppleID on the same iPad without issue. Although if she ever needs to update those Apps, Dad will need to put in his password.

    There actually shouldnt be a problem with her staying on his ID (unless he just blithely handed over the password and let's her rack up 100s in in-App buys). The only reason to create an ID for her now would be thinking ahead to when she's an adult or has her own means of paying debit/credit/iTunes-card (for that day she leaves home). This lets her build here own library of Apps (etc) that doesn't depend on Dads ID.
  3. Imola Ghost thread starter macrumors 65816

    Mar 21, 2009
    Thanks, yes I believe they are thinking ahead for when she's older. Her birthday is today and she's old enough to have something like this on her own.

    They basically wanted to start her off with a fresh new iPad 2 and let her do her own thing.
  4. macbookman83 macrumors 6502

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    I belive if he signs her up with an iCloud account that should solve the matter as the intial account comes with 5GB of space for free.
  5. Imola Ghost thread starter macrumors 65816

    Mar 21, 2009
    They really just want to get her a totally separate accounts so she and his stuff are totally separated from on another.
  6. 5aga macrumors 6502


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    Use iExplorer. No Jailbreak required.
    It will let you browse the Apps on the iPad.. usually the game saves are in the "Documents" folder inside the App.

    After you extract the save games you can restore and set up as new and use iExplorer to put the save games on the iPad.

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