Help with RAID on Thunderbolt please!

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by theashkinsdiet, Oct 7, 2013.

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    OK so I understand how RAID works but I've never attempted to use it so please consider what I'm trying to do and tell me if it's a waste of time! Also bear in mind the person actually using the equipment is a well-known artist who gets paid a lot of money for his DJ sets, so we need a reliable solution to this!

    This for use with a Macbook Pro running DJ software and an external USB controller. At the minute we use an external USB HDD for all the audio and the DJ controller is using the 2nd USB port but we have problems with the USB3 connector being a bit flakey on the HDD so need a better solution - I'm planning to do a 'belt & braces' fix. This is what I'm thinking:

    We want to use a SSD (to avoid vibration problems from loud sub-bass frequencies in venues) connected via Thunderbolt (for the the more sturdy connectors). We'd also like some redundancy, which is where RAID comes in and my questions start.

    I'm looking at getting the LaCie Little Big Disk which uses 2x 512MB SS drives in RAID 0 format to get 1TB but to get redundancy we'll need two of these set up in RAID 1 mirror so we'd end up with nested RAID 0+1. However, to physically connect these drives they would have to be daisy-chained so my question is, would the redundancy be lost by daisy-chaining? eg. consider the setup: [ MBP->SSD1->SSD2 ] if SSD1 fails or the PSU fails, will data still pass from SSD2 to the Mac?

    Has anyone tried using mirrored disks for audio playback? If one of the drives fails or loses power does audio still pass glitch-free? ie. will the software only 'see' the RAID array as one disk? (I'll be using Disk Utility to setup the RAID)

    Am I barking up the right tree or is there a better solution to this?

    Thanks in advance for any input on this!
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    In my opinion raiding two external hardware devices seems like it would be a bad idea.

    So far I've used the Pegasus R4. there are a few supported SSDs out there on the Pegasus website/PDF.
    otherwise putting it inside a tour/road case will limit the vibrations on the mechanical drives.

    i'd highly recommend true raid devices vs proprietary (drobo, etc) and raiding multiple external devices.

    hope that helps a little bit.

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