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    Sep 30, 2013
    Hey all, I have a question for my girlfriend who is in a pickle.

    So her iPhone 4 broke yesterday. It was basically cheaper to buy a new phone than replace the screen on her pretty old 4, so she got a 5c. The iPhone 4 was traded in.

    We get home and the iTunes won't recognize her 5c because the iTunes is too old. So we'll just update iTunes right? Well, turns out her Macbook (which is from 2006) has 10.5.8 and needs to be upgraded to at least 10.6.8 to get the newer iTunes. It seems the only way to get 10.6.8 is to order a $20 DVD online. Issue? Her MacBook has a spotty DVD drive an ordering the dvd doesn't guarantee it will be able to work. Plus, she doesn't have time to wait to get a dvd in the mail.

    My solution (I think) is she has a brand new desktop PC, and maybe we can take everything from her iTunes on the Macbook and bring it to the PC and get her stuff back on her iPhone. We have the contacts (AT & T did that for us) but shes missing everything else. The most important thing for her is her PHOTOS in camera roll and her photos in the camera app Hipstamatic, as well as her Notes. The music library is probably the least important since you can always redownload music from the internet. Is it feasible to move the itunes over to the PC, connect the new iPhone then get everything back??

    Best way to help in the situation? Help would be GREATLY appreciated, I don't want her to be upset she lost her memories.
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