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    Hey guys,

    Yesterday afternoon I accidentally dropped my phone, and was using it just fine until about an hour later when I heard a text alert and went to check it but my screen was black. Reboot didn't help and could tell the phone was okay because I could access all my photos etc when connected to itunes and could hear text notifications etc. I took it to someone to get fixed this morning and he literally just opened the back and said the cable had been popped out, fixed it and it was fine. Went to check camera roll later and noticed all my camera roll photos were gone, but I still have the same amount of 'free space' left on my phone as I did last night (coincidentally I checked this yesterday).

    So basically the photos are still taking space on my phone but not showing on my camera roll for some reason. When I go to Usage, it says Photos & Camera is taking up 2.7GB, which was the same as yesterday. All other apps that store photos such as Viber and Whatsapp still have all photos I've sent and received from chat conversations, I just don't have the photos I've taken myself anymore but my phone is showing that memory wise, they are still there somewhere.

    I just used iFunBox to extract the photos and all of them are there. I've copied them into my computer but just wondering how I can get the space back on my phone without essentially "doubling up" my photos? I notice when I transferred a few photos back from itunes onto my phone, it took up space, so it's not replacing the ones that are existing.

    Is there a quick easy way to fix this? Hope it makes sense. Appreciate any help.

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