Help with slow network speeds on iphone/ipad compared to macbook

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    Here's what I have: 2006 c2d macbook pro; ipad 2; iphone 3gs. All on wifi from my linksys dual band router. MBP and ipad2 on wireless-n, iphone on wireless g. Using on the macbook, I get 30 mbps down and 8 up (even more than what I pay comcast for which is 22 down and 5 up). Using the app, i barely get 3 down but get 4-5 up on my ipad and 1-2 down and 3-4 up on my iphone. All devices are using the current firmware. I've tested them near and far away from the router w/in my house. Same results. What gives? How can I improve the network speed on my ipad and iphone?

    Any advice on settings I can change on my router? Does anyone else experience this? I can understand the laptop being capable of processing more data than an iphone or iphone but this seems drastic.

    UPDATE: After some more searching, I read that opendns sometimes causes problems instead of using comcast's dns servers when using that network and auto-brightness sometimes causes problems. I went back to the regular comcast dns servers and turned off auto-brightness on both i-devices. Network improved to 4-5 mbps down and 8-9 up on ipad and 3 down and 6-7 up on iphone. That's at least something. Also of note, I tested network transfer speed using goodreader. I was able to transfer large files over wifi to my ipad at a consistent 25 mbps from my macbook. That tells me it isn't my router, but something about the internet. (sorry for my elementary level explanation).
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    I have a 2011 MacBook Pro (wireless N) on a DLink wireless G router. I also have an iPad (I) and an iPhone 3G, both wireless N. I subscribe to Suddenlink's cable internet 15.0 Mbps service. When I run speedtests, both my iPad and iPhone show 6 - 9 Mbps while my MBP shows around 3 Mbps. All on my home WLAN within a few minutes of each test. Any idea why my MBP is slower than the iPad and iPhone?

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