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    Feb 15, 2004
    Getting a free Sony Handycam DCR-DVD301 camcorder pic attached. Doed anyone have any experience with this particular DVD camcorder. Specifically, importing footage into iMovie. Since it records directly to DVD it is uncertain as to whether it would work properly. It has no firewire, just usb 2, and will burn the DVD directly in the cam corder for playback in a player. I have found very little real world experiences with this model on the net so I am looking for help. Getting rid of it is not an option, and I am up to date on all the tech stuff regarding DV and cameras, as I use other models for hobby work. This particular camera is perfect for my mom for easy playback, but I want to show that it's fun to use iLife to do more editing. I just can't find any particular info regarding DVD camera importon a Mac, since DV is easy as pie. I know it is not the right camera for this kind of thing, but we are stuck with it. No ebay.

    Thanks all

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    there is a thread about this - i can't find it so search.....


    (edit) it was the 2nd one here
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    Feb 15, 2004
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    sony dvd camcorder

    Regarding the problems with sony DVD camcorders. I have a Sony dcr-201 and the same problems. I have found two web-sites purporting to be able to simply fix the problem. First a company called Ads Tech ( procuces a product called a PYRO A/V link that converts the VR video (via analog cables) into DV through a firewire connection. According to the company, it works seemless and in real time. Admitedly, it defeats the purpose of the DVD digital quick download and scene selection simplicity but it allows the camcorder to be used with a mac and eventually, something better is bound to come along, according to mac. Second, a company called Software Architects ( purports to have a software product that will convert the VR-->DV automatically without any hardware and the download maintains its digital quality. If anyone has any experience with these products, let me know. If I go ahead and one or the other works, I will let you know.

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