Help with storing iTunes library on a Time Capsule

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by acarney, Feb 4, 2009.

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    I've got a time capsule setup and I'm trying to keep my iTunes library on the time capsule drive to keep my MacBook hard drive free. I keep pointing the file path in settings to the library file on the time capsule but it will randomly fall back to the default location on my hard drive with no warning. Is there anyway I can make sure it STAYS pointed to the time capsule? It's a pain to have all my songs come up with "!" and have to go and fix the path in settings again and watch it "update" everything and reorder the files and then work fine again.

    The time capsule is hosting my internet network so the second I step into my house I connect to that network so I would think iTunes never has to search for it and not find it for some reason.

    However, I would also like to have iTunes setup to see my library on time capsule when I'm out in the wild and talking to it over the internet. I haven't set up time capsule yet to be seen over the internet but I plan to do that tonight, I'm just wondering if I'll have to change the iTunes path every couple days back to my remote drive instead of it's default path. :mad:
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    1. You need to set up a folder to store your music on your time capsule.

    2. Go to File > Library > Consolidate Library. and select the folder that you just set up. This will copy all the music from your internal HDD to the time capsule.

    3. Once everything copies over, you can delete the music from your harddrive that is located Finder > USER (whatever you have it set as) > Music > iTunes > iTunes Music.

    4. Deleting all the files will erase the media, but leave the files (such as the library file) for you to be able to view your library on the go. (NOTE: that your music will only be available when you are connected to time capsule) (ANOTHER NOTE: you don't need the library file on your time capsule)

    5. When you disconnect and go portable, when you come back, you MUST connect to the time capsule FIRST and BEFORE you open iTunes. if you dont, and you are not connected to the time capsule, your music folder will revert back to the folder on Macintosh HD.

    Hope this helps.
    Good Luck

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