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    Jan 17, 2010
    My old power PC died. Dead. I lost EVERYTHING. However the good to come out of that is that I got a new macbook pro. The problem with this is my iPhone. It will not sync with the new computer because it's tied to my old library that doesn't exist anymore. When I plug the phone in I don't get the option to "merge" info like I've read about in some forums. However, I am able to back up the iPhone and transfer the purchases to the new mac. I'm scared to simply hit erase and sync with the new computer. Since I was able to create a back up will I be able to restore to that back up once the phone is synced to the new computer? I'm really worried about losing all my contacts. Does anyone know the right way to go about this as to not lose all my contacts?
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    When you select Transfer Purchases, this only transfers media and apps. Your contacts, calendars, or other data will not transfer. There is other ways to do this though.

    The wonderful thing about the MacRumors forums is that there are thousands of threads dealing with exponential multitude of topics relating to Apple products. When you have a question, the best way to start is to do a search, either on the built-in Forum search, or the more precise MRoogle. It's not a big deal or anything if you started your own thread for a preexisting topic as new information comes of every post, but you may find searching helpful and time saving. Here is a post that should help you out. Should you still have a problem, just reply back to this thread and we'll be happy to help.


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