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Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by Brianstorm91, Aug 29, 2008.

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    I've just bought a second-hand 23" ACD and there were 3 stickers on it, 1 on either side on the glossy plastic, and one one on top.
    I managed to lose the glue on top with an iKlear wipe and some elbow grease, but the ones on the sides wouldn't budge.
    Hastily :)o) I grabbed some nail polish remover (propanone) and daubed/rubbed a spot on the side and then wiped it off, but it soon became apparent that the top 1/4 of the panel has now lost its glossy laquer where it was rubbed, as it is smoother, duller and streaky :(
    (I know propanone's a solvent, it was stupid but I wasn't really thinking!)

    Does anyone know a way to one, get rid of the glue from the second side panel without damaging the plastic, and two, if there's a way to repair the damage to the affected side? It's hard to see but I'd really prefer for it to be fixed.. Thanks!
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    I think you should have tried this first... GOO GONE

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    That stuff is amazing. It is probably your best bet.

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