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    So I'm using Fantastical 2 on my Mac and now it can't sync across iCloud until I create an app-specific password. First problem.

    I go to in order to create a new app-specific password. I can't find that section. It looks like I need to active two-factor authentication from my Mac first. Second problem.

    I go to Settings > iCloud > Security in order to activate such option. After entering my security answers the system asks for my phone number to receive a verification code. While I have an iPhone it's no longer using a SIM-card (i.e. it works as an iPod touch of sorts). I have another mobile phone though (not smart). Third problem.


    1. Is it mandatory to activate two-factor authentication first in order to create app-specific passwords and therefore use Fantastical properly?

    2. If the previous answer is yes, is it really mandatory giving away my phone number to Apple? (for God's sake, what if I don't want to give away more personal info? Am I just out of luck?)

    3. If the previous answer is yes, can I use just another dumb-phone at hand?

    This is looking like hell just to make apps work properly across iCloud, specially if one is a privacy-conscious dude.

    Thanks in advance!
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    helped my dad (who no longer has an iphone or a mac, so i had to set up 2FA in the first instance on an old one of mine) through just this process a couple of days ago so...

    1 - yes it is mandatory to activate 2 factor authentication first.

    2 - i believe it is mandatory... though it doesn't have to be your main number. it can be a landline, or an emergency payg phone or whatever. it should be one you'll have continuing access to, though, else you'll be screwed. it could also be your parents number if you like.

    3 - that phone number does not have to be in an iphone. he received the texts to his xiaomi phone.

    hope this helps.

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