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Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by martymar112, Apr 17, 2013.

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    I just bought a new TC 2TB. I need help hooking it up. What i want to do is have it hooked up so i can use it to store all my movies and music and be able to stream it to my Apple TV using Itunes or i have air parrot if i cant use Itunes.

    I am not that savvy when it comes to networking. i need to know what will work best. I have a router right now. please any help would be appreciated.

    If you guys need more info to help please let me know..
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    You need to Open AirPort Utility in the Application>Utility Folder, then follow the setup process.
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    Yeah, open the utility, set the Time Capsule network off (bridge mode) under the network menu, enable file sharing under the disk menu, if you want to use the Time machine as a wireless access point (instead of your router) turn wireless on under the wireless window (otherwise turn it off), under the internet menu set it to connect using DHCP. Enter base station Name and password under the Base station menu if you want.
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    when i go to air port and try to set it up i dont know what everything means on it. if some one can help me and explain it to help me out. like i said before i want to use it to store all my videos on it.

    As of now i have a router that i am using with my apple tv to stream movies to my tv to watch.

    i want to put all my movies on TC and then stream them thur itunes or use air parrot if i can get it fixed so it does not lag.

    now i dont know if i want to set it up as a new network. a used network or share a network.

    so if anyone can give me alittle more insight or show me were to look thanks again
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    That is a time machine video, not very useful.

    You can download a Time Capsule manual from Apple Support that will go into everything for you. There are easy to follow setup guides. There are so many options and case by case differences that if you can't follow along my previous post or it doesn't work for you, you can study up on the features in the manual. Otherwise I'd repeat the manual here adding typos as I go along :)

    There may be a separate support document there that can tell you exactly how to set up.

    At the moment Apple TV will not stream video directly from the time capsule. You have to have a MAC running iTunes and either share the library with the Apple TV or air play from the Mac to the apple TV. The Videos themselves can be stored on the time capsule, and the MAC will fetch them from there and send them to the Apple TV. In other word you need the apple TV, a MAC, and the time capsule to do what you want... you may already know that but just checking.
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    Since you must have a Mac up with iTunes running in order to stream from AppleTV, I would have suggested just keeping all of the media on the Mac itself.

    It would just be much quicker, especially if everything is connected via ethernet.
    If you're using nothing but WiFi you may run in to buffering issues.

    My thought being:

    Media stored on Time Capsule
    AppleTV must have a Mac running iTunes to stream from

    So AppleTV calls for a movie
    Mac must talk to the TC, then TC must stream the signal back to the Mac with iTunes
    Now Mac with iTunes streams the file back through the TC on to the AppleTV.

    If you have the files on the Mac:

    AppleTV calls for movie
    Mac streams movie through TC to AppleTV

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