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    May 26, 2014
    Here goes,

    I haven't had any major issues come up with my Mac until a month ago. My Macbook Pro is a mid-2010 (MBP 6,2), and I have recently been experiencing intermittent random kernel panics. It's like they will come and go; I may not have one for a week, and then all of a sudden I have like 3 in one day. Then it's like another couple days before anything happens (and I use my computer constantly). Here's essentially what's been happening:

    Prior to upgrading to Mavericks, I had Snow Leopard. System would crash (basically screen would go black at random and I wouldn't be able to do anything, and I would have to hit the power button to turn the computer off). Once it rebooted, it would rarely give me an option to send a log in to Apple, sometimes it wouldn't even acknowledge that there was a crash. To try and solve this issue, I have done the following:
    • Ran Applejack and chose the option to do a deep scan after several of the kernel panics. Issue went away for awhile, but eventually came back.
    • Stopped using Chrome (as I saw somewhere that people were having issues with it crashing their Macs). This also worked temporarily, but like the previous step, the kernel panics came back.
    • Updated from Snow Leopard to Mavericks. Issue is still popping up. At least it gives me the option to send a log to Apple.
    • Updated firmware (found it to be out of date); issue hasn't popped up yet; however I feel it's only a matter of time before it happens again.
    • I am aware of the logic board issue that has happened with some Macs from my year group, however mine is outside of the 3 years from purchase date so if I have to take this in to get looked at by Apple, it's gonna cost me. (Also, no Apple stores are near me, I don't have the time right now to drive 4 hours away to get it looked at, and I really want to exhaust all other options before resorting to this)

    I will paste the latest log I was able to snag. Can anyone take a look at it and tell me what they think is going on here?

    Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. I am beating my head against a wall trying to figure this out.

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    Most likely, it's this:
  3. Eithanius, May 26, 2014
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    Force this issue with Apple

    Dear OP,

    I have this damn issue after I upgraded to Mavericks a month after my AppleCare expired. I participated in the Apple Customer Seeding Program as well, and when I initially mistaken this as a Mavericks bug, Apple's OS X Engineering Team told me to look it up the article that chrfr posted, that my MacBook Pro has an Open Issue

    I was furious because that article had been there for over 3 years, and all Apple had done was to issue a fix on Snow Leopard - the MacBook Pro Video Update to suppressed the issue. The article also noted a by-line which reads the following:

    "If your 15-inch MacBook Pro is NOT experiencing any of these symptoms, you DO NOT need to contact Apple."

    And since that said temporary fix did indeed suppressed the issue, I let it lapsed. Seriously, it wasn't an issue at all with Snow Leopard. And the issuance of the Video Update fix happened while my original Limited Warranty was in effect. And I had AppleCare as well - unused, unclaimed. The above issue was covered for 3 years from date of purchase without the need of AppleCare.

    By now you will know why I'm furious about it. How could Apple just issue a fix to just temporarily suppress the problem, knowing it will crop up later. Is Apple trying to profit from the expiring of AppleCare and having those affected GPU, hence an entire logic board replaced at the costs of arms and legs…? My question to them, why didn't they issue a RECALL to fix the affected MBPs in the first place.

    Right now I'm forcing this issue with Apple, written a strongly-worded e-mail to Tim Cook. Apple had responded by assigning me a Relations Executive to deal with the issue, and franking from the first impression when he said it will be a paid repair, I was not impressed. I've also demanded that if Apple cannot replace the affected parts as per warranty, I'm taking this to the press and at the same time demanding Apple to refund my AppleCare purchase.

    At this point, my case is under Apple investigation, and at the recommendation of the RE officer, I've sent my MBP to an AASP for further diagnostics.

    I would suggest you to do the same, write a letter to Tim Cook if possible, explore all other avenues as well. This is supposed to be Apple's responsibility. They are definitely hiding something with this Video Update fix after their debacle with the nVidia 8800GT issue 6 years ago. The irony of not having that problem on Snow Leopard but on Mavericks has something to do with the combination of hardware issue and bad coding of Mavericks. I would be glad to stay onto Snow Leopard, but with Apple stopping all security updates on Snow Leopard is not a solution for us either.

    You are not alone as I've read a few weeks ago of another MBP6,2 owner having the same GPU panic issue on Mavericks.

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