Help with Unwanted Remote Network and Changed OS!

Discussion in 'macOS' started by ellewvogue, Dec 9, 2007.

  1. ellewvogue macrumors newbie

    Dec 9, 2007
    Help, my mac has been compromised by an unwanted network. If you do an install form the disk, it says that it is putting it in one location, erasing it and loading it from a network. All of the applications are changed. It is a late Dec. '06 Black Macbook. I have been at the Apple store at least 25 times. I just got leopard and a portable hard drive. That showed it had windows 98, a legacy OS, and a different Mac OS. Then, it would not work. It also had something called bounceback. I cannot communicate with my son in IRAQ because I cannot use any IM apps. My mobile phone is somehow involved too. It takes my text msgs and calls and sends them somewhere. The computer takes every site I visit and all my mail and sends those pages somewhere. I am using a wireless router by verizon for fios. It has a WEP password. I have airport extreme hat I want to install with 2 x-boxes and other computers that are windows. If I download an installation or software update, it will not install it, but creates a separate disk image. Applescript (it's not OS X) gives instructions to change everything. Automator works with it. Garageband, the Chess game thing and Address book, as well as the mail app. and Itunes all figure prominently into the changes. I just entered a long help message that it would not let me send. Please help me get rid of this unwanted remote network. It could be someone I know that had access to my home, computer and phone through other phones on my account that worked for the phone company as a tech for 20 years. Help!
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    Nov 9, 2007
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    What OS version are you using?

    First turn off File Sharing. All of it.
    Next find and turn off Remote Desktop.
    In Tiger go to System Preferences and select Sharing.
    Select the first tab (Services) and uncheck all of them.
    Select the second tab (and uncheck all of the boxes), then start the firewall. This will deny access from outside coming in. You will still be able to use your outgoing stuff , like the browser Mail and IM services.
    Now select the advance button and check all boxes that come up. This increases your security. (I especially like the last one that makes you invisible to all outside computers.)
    Select the last tab and uncheck those..

    You should be real close to not having any unwanted outsiders, now.

    If you are using Leopard, I'll have to log into that so I have it right in front of me to tell you what to turn off.

    And change all your loggin passwords to something new. Choose something easy for you to remember, but not easy for someone to figure out. A combination of letters and numbers is best. You know, something like gr8ape. Longer is better, but still needs to be something memorable to you.

    Hope this helps.:apple:

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